I have a treasure trove of amazing art books and exhibition catalogs. Unfortunately some of them are in storage, others are 2 and 3 deep on my bookshelves! I’d rather you enjoy them….

NUNO NUNO  Series of Japanese Textile Books

Nuno Corporation was established in 1984, and has over the course of fifteen years produced closed to 1400 original textiles, twenty-one of which were selected as part of last year’s Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, New York (12 Nov 1998 – 26 January 1999) and The Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis (18 June 1999 – 15 August 1999).

As yet another new/now direction in creative expression, Nuno has launched its own book series, interweaving words and images to document the best from our voluminous catalogue of fabrics.

At present nuno nuno books comprise seven published folios: Boro Boro, Sukè Sukè, Fuwa Fuwa, Shimi Jimi, Kira Kira, Zawa Zawa and Zoku Zoku. Each thematically treats upon a particular quality among Nuno’s many fabrics-as suggested by the onomatopoeic Japanese titles-and is illustrated with striking photos of representative textile works along with essays by a unique range of personalities. Technical details are kept to a minimum in these beautifully designed books, so as to let the visuals speak for themselves.


Volume 5 showcases 26 kira kira (“shiny”) fabrics that beautifully outshine common preconceptions about glitz and glitter. Included are many technically “impossible” metallic weavings-perhaps the best-known of Nuno’s signature textiles. While the kira kira story by award-winning screenwriter-author Tomomi Tsutsui adds a swipe of satirical polish to the pictorial gloss. A brilliant book.
Hardcover; 48 pp, 29 all-color photos. $20.00 plus shipping.



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